Metadata And Tagging

Content that is not easily accessible or searchable is as good as being considered non-existent today. At CDL, we will ensure that we capture the metadata associated with the content and use this metadata to tag the content in such a way that it is easily findable.

Metadata captured includes:

  • Titles
  • Authors and editors
  • Publication Information such as ISSN, ISBN, Date
  • Citation data such as Copyright Information
  • eBook specific information such as page numbers, volume numbers, Back of the book indexes, List of illustrations
  • Images and Tables


We assign controlled vocabulary terms (subjects) as well as tag content with keywords. Our team of indexers use both manual indexing as well as automated indexing using our proprietary tool. Search engines can then use indexes built of these vocabulary terms and keywords to find matches for a user’s search.


We apply semantic tags to articles, tables, figures, paragraphs, videos etc. The idea behind adding semantic tags is to enrich the content by including additional relevant information. Semantic tagging simultaneously allows users to search for a corresponding vocabulary entry. Our semantic tagging efforts are directed towards delivering a more user-friendly and robust browsing interface for the users. CDL'S methodology makes it easier to generate rich semantic metadata for multiple web pages. Our approach adds structure and meaning to tags and increases the chances of finding relevant content.

Advantages of Semantic Tagging

  • Find relevant information faster.
  • Insert accurate and appropriate tags.
  • Facilitates knowledge discovery.
  • Improve search engine rankings.
  • Contribute and share resources.

About CDL

Content Digitization Lab (CDL) is a specialized division of QA InfoTech that holds expertise in providing End-to-End Content Digitization solution and services to our esteemed clients. We offer highly scalable and customizable automated systems for Content Digitization and eBook publishing processes. 

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